Women, after their spouse’s demise, come down to Vrindavan in their quest to seek spiritual salvation. They spend their life with other widows in the Ashrams. Many widows here depend on the Ashrams for food, and survival. There are around 30000 widows living in Vrindavan and each of them have their own story of hardship and heartbreak.

Grocery Kits For Widows in Vrindavan Join us in spreading love and joy by supporting our initiative to bring smiles to over 800 widows in Vrindavan. Your donation will help provide essential groceries, blankets, and other necessities, ensuring these beautiful souls can live rest of their life in happiness. Donate Today!

*Why Pure Devotion took initiative to construct shelter home* The need for a shelter home for abandoned widows in Vrindavan is significant due to several factors. Vrindavan is known for its large population of widows who often face abandonment, social stigma, and lack of support after the loss of their spouse. Many of these widows come from impoverished backgrounds and have nowhere else to turn for assistance. A shelter home in Vrindavan could provide a safe haven for these vulnerable women, offering them not only food and shelter but also medical care, emotional support, and opportunities for social interaction and empowerment. Such a facility would address a pressing need and contribute to improving the lives of abandoned widows in the area. *These forgotten Matajis live in deplorable conditions - all they want is little love and support*

At old age most widow’s suffer high bp problem because of stress given by their own families. And many are having diabetes and malnutrition. And many of them in old age suffer arthritis and a few of them breast cancer. We do periodically check up for them and provide them with their monthly life saving drugs. Your small contribution can give them second life. We do periodically check up for them and provide them with their monthly life saving drugs.